Daily Brushing for your Dogs & Cats will help keep the Vet Away

Just like humans, the health of your pets’ teeth is vital to their overall health.


There are the obvious and immediate issues around bad breath, gum disease and rotting teeth that we are all aware of.  But regular brushing for your pet will also help with preventing long term Liver, Kidney, Heart and Brain health concerns.  Rotting teeth, if not treated soon enough, can infect their brain as their jaws are so close to their brains.  It is best to be healthy every day by building teeth brushing into your daily routine.  It is never too late to start brushing your pets’ teeth, however, it may be a little more difficult to start later in their life due to behavioral issues.  Best to start them off by establishing the routine.


  1. Start by putting your hands on their mouth and holding them still while exposing their teeth. Do this at approx. the same time daily for a week.  Reward with a small healthy treat after.
  2. Next begin to put your finger in their mouth along their gums – again do this at the approx. same time daily for a week. Reward with a small healthy treat each after.
  3. Next put a little toothpaste, (we recommend you use pet toothpaste only as some ingredients in human toothpaste can be harmful when ingested by pets) and rub around gums and teeth. Again reward with a  small treat after.


Be careful not to get bitten which could always occur with a pet that is older and not used to this process.  Remember pets are reactionary in most situations. 


Also, we recommend that you slow down the reward part of the process until you are no longer giving a treat after the teeth brushing exercise.  Eating right after having the teeth brushed can be a little counter productive.