Our Little Friend - Dash

It is important to us at Petzabulous that we introduce our community to our very own little furry friend on our very first blog article.

 Dash is a male, 12 year old Bichon Shih Tzu.  He has  alDashieways been large for his breed (honestly) he is not just fat from over feeding.  He is actually really solid but of course now as he is getting older, starting to develop some fatty tissue deposits here and there. 



He is affectionate and craves company.  Not really an attention seeker, but really just likes company.  He is very sweet, gets along with most other dogs and fantastic around children. 

In the early days he would jump up on anyone who came into our house and would kind of bite a little when playing rough.  When we first picked him up from his breeder, we found him on his back with his brothers and sisters playing rough on him.  He still likes to play that same game today.

Couple of little quirky things Dash does:-

1. At 9pm (on the dot) every night, he comes to us making talking noises from his throat.  It is the time we give him an evening Doggie Treat every night.  We are really not sure how he can tell the time, but no matter what happens differently during that day, he always confronts us at 9pm.  You can set your watch by him!

2.  He loves to open presents whether it be Christmas, Birthday or any other occasion, he will get right in there and tear open the presents.  It is always a worry when we put our freshly wrapped Christmas Presents under the tree every year as to whether they will survive through to the big day or not!

At Petzabulous, we promote fabulous products that help bring out your Pet's own individual personality....what ever that may be.  Our little Dashie certainly has his own unique ways which we simply love and embrace every day.